Mcclendon plunges into the indie scene with a fresh perspective while making new use of traditional techniques. With a sound reminiscent of Bon Iver and Ben Howard, he transforms the way music complements words and messages. Mcclendon quickly made his stance in music clear with “Carnations,” his debut single as a solo artist. The song questions organized religion through the artist’s internal dialogue. The drive to challenge societal conflicts has become a trend in most of his early releases. Growing up in Oklahoma allowed Mcclendon to flourish through acoustic, country, and folk music. As he matured in a band with his brothers, his passion for vocal layering, electric sounds, and taking risks through music became apparent. After performing around the country for over a decade, Mcclendon decided to branch out for his own sound.

Writing and producing his own music has always been top priority for this independent artist. He’s drawn to write honest thoughts about concepts he personally connects with. Self-producing simply came as a need for survival as a creator. This scrappy nature allows him to take risks that would otherwise be overlooked. Every artist draws from life experiences to create meaningful music, but Mcclendon hones in on observing and questioning himself and the surrounding world. This young creative pulls inspiration from conversations with himself. “I just want to create what feels honest. Something that isn’t afraid of the moment,” Mcclendon said.


Mcclendon pose sur la scène indie un regard neuf tout en restant fidèle à sa tradition. Avec un son qui rappelle Bon Iver et Ben Howard, il transforme la façon dont la musique complète les mots et les messages. Le fait de grandir dans l’Oklahoma a permis à Mcclendon de s’épanouir dans la musique acoustique, la country et le folk. Alors qu’il faisait ses armes dans un groupe avec ses frères, sa passion pour les superpositions vocales, les sons électriques et la prise de risques à travers la musique a pris le dessus…. Mcclendon a décidé de créer son propre son.
Écrire et produire sa propre musique a toujours été une priorité pour cet artiste indépendant, en totale auto-production. Cette nature aventureuse lui permet de prendre de jolis risques artistiques.
« Je veux juste créer ce qui me semble honnête. Quelque chose qui n’ait pas peur de l’instant présent »…



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