Sometimes, friendship breakups can be even harder than relationship breakups. “The Feelings Mutual” tells about a toxic relationship from which Emmrose was able to pull out. In a pop ballad style, the New York City based artist shows how mature she’s become. The track resonates with her generation while helping her proudly finding closure for a very painful time in her life. The young artist is not done showing us what she is capable of!

“The Feelings Mutual” is what I like to call a “friendship breakup song”. A little over a year ago, I was going through a really rough time with a close friend of mine, until I realized that she was only making my life worse, and that I didn’t want us to be friends anymore. All she would ever do was criticize me and tell me that I was a bad person.She made me feel like some evil villain, so the opening lyrics are “you make me out as your storybook villain”. She would never let go of any mistakes that I had made over the years, and would constantly bring up my faults. It got to a point of whenever we would talk, I would pretty much be close to tears, it just drove me insane with how she treated me. It was a toxic friendship in so many ways, and it feels really good to have written a song about it and to finally let go.

“The Feelings Mutual” wasn’t a difficult song to write, as I remember really getting the whole thing down in a couple of days. Recording the song was really cool, because it was in quite a pop ballad style. I loved belting the last few choruses and the bridge, it gave me closure for a very painful time in my life.

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Emmrose – The Feeling’s Mutual // Single

Release Date : juillet 22, 2022
Artist : Emmrose
Format : Digital Download